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 Her Paper House 

 Her Paper House shows a Japanese style paper home as a representation for our main character’s psyche.  The story shows a tragic loss of innocence and  descent into insanity. 


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Justice Out Of Reach
 Excerpt From Transitional Justice
Not everyone is able to receive justice. In some communities the victims are asked to apologize.

She had a dream that she was supposed to gather all of the women together; from both sides of the conflict. 

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Present Meeting Point 
An examination of past & present.


Excerpt From Transitional Justice 
How do you avoid a cycle of vengeance?  

 No Baby

Excerpt From Transitional Justice


The women were cradling rifles and fought with babies on their backs.

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Rehearsal NYC
 Excerpt From Transitional Justice


The affect of outside violence on relationships.
Dance Benefit
Excerpt From Transitional Justice 
A means of healing and reconciliation in fundamentally divided communities. 

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 Illuminations Dance Company - Only Photographs   Disappeared

In authoritarian regimes sometimes people are made to disappear.

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Within Your Walls   

Within Your Walls

 Reaching each other within our walls.


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 Live In Line   Live In Line

You will learn to live in lying lines. What would it feel like to be completely out of control of one's body? What happens when the simple life choices most people make carelessly are taken away? The danger of forced conformity and what happens when people are focibly molded into the shapes that fit the system. 

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 Forgotten Secrets   Forgotten Secrets

Where we came from. How to get back. 

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 The Sahel   The Sahel: a Crack in the Heart
This performance highlights social tensions as a result of desertification in the Sahel region of Africa.



This piece quotes the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Barack Obama to depict the political scene we have grown from and the progressive future we have the potential to create.
Stories and Snapshots     Stories and Snapshots
This performance highlights the ongoing problems of indifference, explores how it is manifested, challenges its causes, and finds new ways to inspire action and solutions.